Punjab Youth Leaders Program

Punjab Youth Leaders Program (PYLP) is a two-year full time leadership development program. It brings together individuals who have shown exceptional leadership potential. During these two years, the young leaders work towards improving the learning and governance in the government primary schools in Punjab. In the process, they grow by building their own leadership values and competencies. The aim of the program is to create a strong community of future leaders which is committed to transform Punjab into a land of Hope, Courage and Possibilities in the next 30 years.


Here’s how a day in the Life of a Young Leader at PYLP is.

Role of a Fellow

Leadership at PYLP

At PYLP, we define leadership as the ability to organize people and mobilize resources towards a cause you believe in. The two year leadership journey enables the fellows to develop these competencies through intensive weekly and monthly sessions and real-life experiences on the ground.

​Besides implementing the cluster transformation process, a fellow will also take up short-term projects to solve local issues. This will be another practice ground for the fellows to apply what they have learnt.

The beginning, middle and end of the two-year journey will also include a 2-4 week immersive in-classroom program, a 15-day road-trip in Punjab to various initiatives on the ground and personal interactions with various leaders who have contributed towards Punjab in different capacities.


LJ Framework has 4 parts to it. We feel that a leader must live an integrated life harmonising their inner and outer self and cultivate awareness at the level of personal, social and systems domain. To enable this we create a learning environment where YLs can explore in the following domains –


  • Feeling Secure from within
  • Nurturing their Gifts
  • Learning to Live and Work with their community
  • Working towards Systems Change


Opportunities for Learning & Growth

1. Projects – During the two-year journey in PYLP, the young leaders focus on working on various projects in accordance with their interests. Some of the projects our youth leaders have engaged in are:

– Gender and Schooling

– Social Emotional Learning

– Punjabi Language and Culture

– Technology in the Classrooms

– SMC Training and Development


2. Internships – As a part of their two-year journey, the young leaders are encouraged to work with our partners in their organisations, foundations and the government system in which they work closely with our partners, build their knowledge and experience, diversify their skills, create their own pathways. 


3. Punjab Yatra – As a part of exposing the young leaders to our partners across the State the young leaders take a two- week planned journey across the state to share their work and experiences with various partners in our community.


4. Post-PYLP Journey – The journey of the members of Sanjhi Sikhiya does not end when one graduates from the fellowship program, but is a beautiful engagement that stretches beyond. Our leaders are engaged in various disciplines:

– Organisations working in Education Development – Slam Out Loud, Udhyam Foundation, Mantra4Change

– Working with Sanjhi Sikhiya as Program Team Members

– Working towards Social and Economic Development in diverse ways – Political Leadership, Higher Education, Rights based activism