Joy of Learning

Joy of Learning is a leadership platform for self-driven young people. Its a safe and free space where you can openly share your thoughts and feelings, connect with like-minded people and explore new ideas.

At Joy of Learning, we use experiential ways which make learning fun-filled, engaging and self-driven. The different programs at JoL will help you look deeper within and find answers to your challenges and questions.

We host weekly workshops and weekend session for our participants. These workshops enable them to engage with themselves, others and the world in an enriching way. By the end of the workshop, they feel freer inside, closer to those around them, and ready to effect a positive change in the world. 

Here are the broad objectives of the workshop –

  1. Personal Level – Participants learn to look within, reflect on their life journey, and explore their identity. They learn to Self Care and express themselves with clarity and confidence.
  1. Social Level – In an intimate environment, participants learn to work together by sharing their personal gifts. They learn to engage with conflicts, work with difficult situations and develop social skills like communication and listening.
  1. Systems Level – Participants become aware of the structures and forces that shape the world around them. They learn to look at the root cause of the issue and engage with the context critically and creatively.

It is completely free and a volunteer-driven initiative led by participants themselves –

We regularly host these workshops online as well as offline at Govt College Ropar, Punjabi University Patiala and Panjab University, Chandigarh.