Our Guiding Principles

Coming Together

The change process starts when we recognise our shared humanity and treat others with the same trust and respect we desire for ourselves. Expanding our circle of concern creates a safe space where open enquiry is possible, and a shared vision is co-created. 

The practice of our values of Compassion and Awareness helps us in doing this.

Learning Together

Learning begins when we recognise the need for change within. As we learn to take responsibility for our feelings and thoughts, we begin the process of reflection. Learning becomes collaborative when we become aware of each other’s intrinsic nature and strengths. As new knowledge emerges, and shared meanings are created, learning becomes visible in a change in the beliefs and behaviour of individuals. 

The practice of our values of Curiosity and Continuous Learning helps us do this.

Working Together

Work at Sanjhi Sikhiya is a context for growth. It provides a practice field where you can exchange your natural gifts, apply your learnings and deepen your understanding. Working together also includes membership in a community where you feel supported and challenged simultaneously. As the group members realise their shared vision, it further reinforces the process. 

The practice of our values of Grit and Resilience helps us do this.

Growing Together

Growth, with us, is aimed at consistently going deeper within and expanding your horizon. As you reflect on your experiences, you gain new perspectives and develop new capabilities. Every personal challenge and interpersonal conflict becomes an opportunity for growth. As you build ease and spontaneity in your roles, you take it further by supporting others towards the same.

The practice of our value of Collaboration helps us in doing this.

Values we believe in


Taking actions to empower others out of a genuine concern for their well-being with a sense of care towards them.


A first-person understanding of self. Being able to recognise the interconnection of all phenomena and linking one’s actions with the results they create.

Curiosity & Continous Learning

Taking responsibility for one’s learning, practising the cycle of Action-Reflection-Silence daily. Seeing challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth.

Grit & Resilience

Sustaining interest in and putting efforts toward long-term goals. The ability to hold tensions and bounce back after failures.


Ability to nurture authentic relationships. Enabling the group to align towards a larger purpose. Working through conflicts as a way for collective learning and growth.