Nurturing Education Ecosystem

Sanjha Safar

We, at Sanjhi Sikhiya, regularly host Sanjha Safar where teachers, government officials, educationists and the general public come together to talk about the education system in Punjab and celebrate the work that is being done in this sector by our various partners.


To keep our community members and partners informed, we provide them with regular updates from the ground in the form of monthly, quarterly and semi annual newsletters. This helps them stay in touch with the current realities of the education sector.

Partner Organisations

Sanjhi Sikhiya continues to partner with different organisations in the social sector with the aim of cross learning and achieving common objectives within the education sector. This also helps us to create important connections across the state and the country.

Punjab Dialogues

In order to promote conversations and to ensure that more and more people are talking about the issues and realities of Punjab, Sanjhi Sikhiya runs a series of Webinars called Punjab Dialogues. Over the years, we have had people like Navpreet Kaur, Jassi Sangha, Gurmeet Kaur and Amarjit Chandan join us for these dialogues. 

State level interaction

Sanjhi Sikhiya maintains a relationship with our partners at the level of the state government wherein we are working both with the officials and other organisations. In May 2022, we held a meeting with the leadership team of SCERT, Punjab to explain our work to them and give them updates from the ground.