The Story of Sanjhi Sikhiya

Sanjhi Sikhiya is a response from the young people of Punjab towards the current state of affairs in our homeland. We wish to take responsibility for our learning and growth while contributing to reforms in the social and public sectors.

In August 2017, a bunch of us, driven by the values of Guru Nanak and our shared dream of a Charhda Punjab, joined hands for the first time. We soon realised the interconnected nature of issues like substance abuse, polluted groundwater, depleting soil quality, excessive youth migration, toxic patriarchal structures and more. We wanted to work on a systems approach rather than on issues separately. Building upon our prior work experience, we decided to begin in Primary Education and Youth Leadership. 

As we have worked with hundreds of teachers and young people in the last four years, our initial resolve has only strengthened further. More than 75 people have so far been associated professionally with Sanjhi Sikhiya. Over 500 people have contributed financially to keep us going forward. More than 1000 people have attended our Sanjha Safar Showcase events. With comprehensive support from all sides, we continue steadfast in our vision of transforming Punjab into a land of Hope, Courage and Possibilities.

If you feel connected to our purpose and vision, we look forward to hearing from you. We invite you to our inspiring community of change-makers in Punjab.

Please email us at [email protected]