Punjab Education Collective

In August 2019, Punjab Education Collective was formed with the objective of transforming the public education system of Punjab by identifying challenges faced by the stakeholders on the ground, co-creating solutions to address them and improving the education experience. 

This collective comprises four organisations in the education space working in tandem to impact 23 lakh students across 19,000 government schools in Punjab. Aligning with the goals of the state’s flagship program ‘Padho Punjab Padhao Punjab’, the collective supports the department in strengthening the academic support structure through capacity building and data-backed strategies thereby directly impacting the teaching-learning process.

Focus areas


Academic leadership

– In primary, defining the roles and responsibilities of  District and block level Academic leaders i.e District Coordinator, Block Master Trainer with the SCERT, Punjab
– Aligned focus areas for academic leaders during their regular school visits
– The collective helped set up and train 2 teams at the state level to assist in creating learning content, and engaging with teachers and students to constantly collect feedback.
– Introduction to Darpan, a tool used for recording school visits and activities, opened many layers to redefine ‘academic support’, driving data- based decision making in the system. Over 1 lakh system leaders have been on boarded on the platform

Community engagement

– Aiming to strengthen school community relations and bringing forward parent voices, the collective ensured Parent-Teacher Meetings become consistent. We started 2 statewide PTMs in pre-COVID times which continued during COVID through Virtual PTMs.
– 3-day Virtual PTM for 19K schools with 5 lakh+ parents in May 2020
– Punjab has organised a Mega-PTM on Sept 3rd,2022
– Other community-facing campaigns include self-made smart schools and state-wide enrolment drives.

Student learning

The collective has been constantly supporting the department by ensuring cohesiveness in learning resources for students for the ‘Learn from Home’ campaign that started during the pandemic. We have streamlined content for the students, and provided easy access to online learning materials through ‘Daily Schedules’; a one-stop platform for students to use multiple resources.

Enabling Dialogues

The collective aims to facilitate dialogue among the authorities involved in education in Punjab. We had a meeting with the SCERT team to show the work that is being done in the primary schools by Sanjhi Sikhiya. Further the collective was instrumental in getting the teams from secondary and primary wings of SCERT to sit down together for brainstorming.

Meet the Team

Beant Kaur
Ishpreet Kaur
Navneet Kaur
Sanjay Sharma
Sunil Gill
Wasim Syed