Sanjhi Sikhiya turns 4

Sanjhi Sikhiya is dedicated to enhancing the quality and accessibility of education in the Government Primary Schools of Punjab.

We make ability-based foundation learning a priority for the system. We do this by improving the structures and processes for learning and governance inside and outside the classrooms.

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The Learning Crisis in Punjab


Grade 3 students CAN’T
read Grade 2 text


Grade 5 students CAN’T
comprehend basic math


Grade 6-8 students CAN’T write 5 sentences in Punjabi

What Do We do?

Our work of systems change involves engaging with a diverse set of partners. We bring them together and enable collaboration towards the common purpose of ensuring classroom learning.

Our Mission

All children in Punjab will attain foundational capabilities in an enabling environment.

We believe in the Principles of Guru Nanak. For us, work is a context of our inner growth. Our principles and values help us stay anchored and guide us on this path.

Our reach in 2022


Our partners speak…

We want the Patiala district to flourish as one of the top districts of Punjab. We want to thank Sanjhi Sikhiya for choosing Patiala and believe their young leaders can make this happen.

I have interacted with the Young Leaders of Sanjhi Sikhiya, and it is inspiring to see their motivation to transform the education system in Punjab.

Gram Sikhiya Sabhas have given a platform to parents and teachers for interaction; this will bring many changes for the betterment of schools.

And a mission like this is impossible without a driven team behind it.

Our Impact

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We aim to transform Punjab into a land of Hope, Courage & Possibilities.

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