Policy Pilots

Digital Friday

The project was taken up by the Sanjhi Sikhiya in District Fatehgarh Sahib. The idea was to create a platform & a space where teachers could come ‘voluntarily’ and learn something new every Friday. These applications were chosen keeping in mind the idea of empowering teachers in optimum utilisation of time and resources, creating interactive classrooms and pedagogical improvement through applications such as use of zoom for online teaching, google drive, basics of excel, powerpoint, etc.  

Project Based Learning

In partnership with Education Above All, Sanjhi Sikhiya initiated the first phase of project-based learning in district Fatehgarh Sahib of Punjab. In a period of 4 months (Oct 2020- Jan 2021), 14 contextual projects based on internet-free projects of EAA were developed, out of which seven projects were implemented with around 1000 students of grade 1-5 of government primary schools. As schools were shut entirely during that period, around 30 teachers and 52 community volunteers helped students to do these projects by distributing PDFs & organising community classes. 

Trainings and Workshops for our system partners

During the past years, we have engaged with the Padho Punjab, Padhao Punjab team at the three districts to hold workshops & trainings on leadership skills and technical upskilling. The training and workshops held are need based and focused on creating high potential leaders in the system.