Learning Path

The focus of the Learning Path is on the developing teachers and bringing focus of cluster level structures towards learning outcomes of students. It primarily operates around Cluster Academic Meetings (CAMs) and Centre Header Teacher Collectives (CHT) Collectives. In these spaces teachers come together to share their learnings and support each other in their challenges. Our approach is to enable teachers to develop a shared vision, learn problem solving and hold mutual accountability in these monthly sessions.

Cluster Academic Meeting

We organise monthly Cluster Academic Meetings in association with the Centre Head Teacher (CHT) and block level academic officers known as the Block Master Trainer (BMT). These meetings are facilitated by the CHT, allowing the teachers to share their best practices, concerns & challenges, assess these challenges and work upon monthly plans to tackle the same in the classrooms. The discussions also revolve around teaching-learning methodologies & material and technical upskilling that impacts students’ learning. 

Centre Head Teacher (CHT)

A monthly meeting is held with all the Centre Head Teachers of a Block wherein 4-6 CHTs come together to work on two aspects-  Leadership & Data Management and Technical Upskilling. Through experiential practices they learn leadership skills required to manage a cluster of 9-10 schools and ensuring the quality of education in them. Such meetings ensure that they are as as teacher-managers they are continuously learning to improve the existing process inside and outside the classroom.