Governance Path

The Governance path aims to bring the focus of elected representatives, administrators and the School Management Committees(SMCs) towards the learning outcomes of the students. Through the Sikhiya Sabhas and Collectives we bridge the gaps, connect the dots and create a sense of collective responsibility towards the school in the community. 

Sikhiya Sabhas

Gram Sikhiya Sabha

With the objective of building ownership of the community towards the school, teacher anchor Gram Sikhiya Sabha with our support. Members of the Panchayat, School Management Committee (SMC) and other active citizens of the village come together once every three months. This helps in strengthening the connection between parents, community and the panchayat with the schools. All participants discuss issues related to the learning of the students. They come up with their own plan, decide time bound outcomes and assign clear responsibilities

Shehri Sikhiya Sabha

In 2021, Sanjhi Sikhiya adopted 8 schools in the urban cluster of Mandi Gobindgarh in district Fatehgarh Sahib. The nature and atmosphere of the urban schools in Punjab is quite contrasting as compared to the rural and semi urban areas. Shehri Sikhiya Sabha (SSS) are organized by the teachers along with Sanjhi Sikhiya with the objective of building ownership of the community towards the school. The process and agenda of the sabha remains the same as the gram Sikhiya Sabha, yet, the focus here is also to involve the local urban bodies and local elected representatives in the development of the school. Therefore, the municipal councillors of the wards are also engaged in the process.

Collaboration with the elected representatives

Panchayat Collective

A collective meeting of the Sarpanches of a block (sometimes a cluster) to discuss the agenda of school development in their respective village. The needs and requisites of the school are discussed, and an action plan is created for the development of the school. The meeting is organised once in a quarter wherein post the meeting, the members of sanjhi sikhiya help the sarpanches in completion of the tasks. 

Municipal Councillor’s Collective

A collective meeting of the Municipal Councillor’s of a block is held to discuss the needs and requisites of the government primary schools in the block. As the local representatives hold responsibility towards the development of his/ her ward, it is essential to also bring their focus on the development of the school. They have the ability to work with the executive body of the ward and other departments to look after the needs of the school. Through such collectives, we bring together these councillors to see the primary schools as a part of their ward and bring in their accountability towards these institutions.